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Payroll Services

Payroll matters can take a considerable amount of time and effort in your office routines, but it is the easiest element of your business to outsource. For a modest fee you can eliminate the payroll pressure and have the “peace of mind” that competent professionals are handling these sensitive matters in a convenient and confidential matter.

Payroll Benefits:

·         Guaranteed Accuracy means you don’t have to give the government one penny more than required. If we make a mistake, I will pay any penalty assessed.

·         Confidentiality is enhance by limiting your employees’ access to confidential data.

·         Experienced professional staff assures the accuracy and reliability of your payroll.

·         Elimination of IRS “headaches” comes with the transfer of your files: They become our headaches.

·         Peace of mind comes from competent professionals handling your payroll matters.

·         Convenience of call-in and fax-in service assures ease of transmittal.

·         Quick response to local service assures that emergencies can be handled quickly and conveniently.

·         Expert payroll advice is available to assure efficient, trouble free payrolls.

·         Customized personal service is available through our Value Added Services.

·         Free conversion of your data to our system.

·         Savings are generated by reducing your need for additional staff and resulting overhead expense, plus allowing management additional time for more productive matters. Also, by being local, there will be no lost or missing payrolls.

Payroll Service Includes:

·         Customized payroll checks

·         Employee earnings statement

·         Payroll journal

·         Payroll deduction register

·         Computation of required tax deposit amounts

·         All quarterly and annual payroll reports

·         W-2 forms

Fee Schedule (for above services per payroll period):

·         Please call for a FREE no obligation customized quotation.

Value Added Services (available for an additional charge):

·         Pre-signed checks

·         Checks in envelopes

·         Specialized reports

·         Third party payments

·         Special delivery